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$79.50 USD

Boho Jumper Dress Up Cycled Clothing Womens Winter Clothes Funky Teal Ombre Versatile Dress Office L

$79.50 USD


This one of a kind jumper dress has a cotton knit bodice in gradient tones of teal and mustard and has lace accents on one side. The skirt portion of the dress is wool herringbone in teal/brown gradient tones. There's a hip pocket with embroidery on it. (black blouse shown underneath in photos is not included)

Women's size Large
Bust: will fit 37-40 inches (94-102 cm)
Length from top of shoulder to bottom edge: 36 inches (92 cm)
Waist: will fit up to 36 inches (92 cm)
Hips: free

Wash in in cold water on the wool cycle and lay flat to dry.

Each of my pieces is one of a kind and the one you see listed above is the only one available.

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